Grain Free Salmon Cakes

Grain Free Salmon Cakes

Tired of the same old poached/baked/grilled salmon? Love salmon but nervous about how to cook it? These salmon cakes are easy peasy and taste soooo good. Not to mention, in the spirit of fall and all things pumpkin, I had to throw a little pumpkin pureé in there for good measure. Salmon is a great... read more
Pecan Pie Cookies...

Pecan Pie Cookies…

  With friends coming over later this evening for a stew dinner and a nice fire I felt it would be nice to end the evening with a little sweet something. What better compliment to a night of laughter, wine and whiskey than a little pecan pie. And then I remembered a great recipe I... read more
Hey Honey...

Hey Honey…

Not just regular out of the plastic bear honey. I’m talking the good stuff. Liquid gold. Unpasteurized, and unrefined RAW HONEY. You might have to dig a little deeper than your big box grocer to find this gem of deliciousness and health, but it is worth it. More than just a sweetener, honey has loads... read more
Dreams of juice...

Dreams of juice…

  Apparently I’m on trend. Funny how these things come around. When I moved out of my small town I became the nice enough but weird girl who was always wearing cowboy boots, flannel and the occasional Native American inspired shirt. I’ve always loved dream catchers, feathers, turquoise and wearing earrings that don’t match.  I’ve... read more
What's in your cart?

What’s in your cart?

The other day, a friend at work inquired about what my eating habits at home were? See, as well as teaching yoga I also work in a restaurant. The restaurant folk are a strange bunch when it comes to at home eating. We spend most evenings at work without any kind of break for dinner.... read more
Wintertime Sunshine

Wintertime Sunshine

It’s winter and right now I want summer. We’re rocking the sunshine here in Portland but the 30 degree weather just doesn’t seem to be cutting it. I’m always looking for little ways to recreate feelings and sensations that I long for. A tuna sandwich the way my mama used to make them when I... read more
Pick the right fruit...

Pick the right fruit…

Hone your senses and tap into your inner hunter/gatherer self and learn to pick the best produce using your natural abilities. • Artichokes: Choose globes that have tight leaves and feel heavy for their size. The leaves should squeak when pressed against each other. • Asparagus: Choose firm, smooth, and brightly-colored stalks with compact tips.... read more
Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

October means pumpkin season is in full effect and if you know me you know this makes me very happy. I love pumpkin and all things pumpkin-esque – sweet potatoes, squash, etc… Here’s a great fall smoothie recipe. Depending on what I have in the fridge I’ll use either honey or vanilla Greek yogurt OR... read more
Homemade Banana Ice Cream

Homemade Banana Ice Cream

Okay beautiful people. Two recipes in one week!! I’m tellin ya, being broke is awesome for the belly. So much kitchen love going on around here lately. Buy some groceries, pump that stereo and what do you get? Tasty treats for the belly and tasty licks from the tunes. What follows came about as an... read more
Why Food?

Why Food?

I am not a chef, nor do I really have that much of a love for cooking. Don’t get me wrong here, I love baking but have found it difficult to support my own life forces on cupcakes and pies alone. With this need to eat and a desire to do it fairly healthfully I... read more
Kitchen Sink Stew...

Kitchen Sink Stew…

After a long weekend of working and workshopping I was super excited to come home and home cook myself a bit of food. I know this sounds crazy but I made stew. Hot and hearty stew. Even though it’s been close to 90 degrees here in Portland there was something pulling me towards a pot... read more