MISFIT Health is a developing extension of MISFIT Yoga; bringing nutrition and wellness coaching to people ready to live better by making lasting life changes.

Ground Breaking Health Assessment.

This could be the life changing conversation you’ve been waiting for.

60 minutes where you and I talk about who you are, where you want to be and what you’ve been through. This conversation is the staring point of your ultimate breakthrough. We’ll see what it’s like to work together and ultimately if I am the person to get you to where it is you want to be in life…healthy, happy and confident. This is such an important step in your path to the very best version of yourself that I want to give this to you COMPLIMENTARY. In this session we will begin to outline how I can help support you in reaching your own personal goals and dreams and how YOU can take charge and ownership of your own life.

I think you just might BE ready! Let’s do it!


One on One Coaching.

Coming June 2013!


Personalized Pantry Clean Out and Food Shopping.

Available in the Portland area only.


Menu Planning.

So, you went to the grocery store and bought all of this healthy food…now what? This can often be the most overwhelming task when attempting to make the transition to a healthy lifestyle. We’ll take a look at the foods you love and the foods you are learning to love and find ways to make the most delicious AND nutritious meals.