Of the yogic kind. Tapas, not delicious Spanish plates of food, is the heat that can bring change and allow for room to grow and connecting with tapas allows us to stay mindful of our choices. It is that fiery drive residing within us that moves us towards our goals.

This discipline does not, however, mean difficulty. With tapas comes austerity and, like all things yoga, is balanced with contentment of effort. Just because home girl next to me is actually doing the splits in her standing splits and I kind of look like I’m standing on one leg with my other one barely lifted off the ground does not mean she is more disciplined or more spiritually sound.

It is our ego that battles with difficulty. Finally sticking a handstand can be a prideful event and lends and egoistic attachment to being and “advanced” practitioner.

It becomes more about the quality of your decisions and thoughts and less about holding out for one last breath in Half Moon. Get on your mat everyday, practice better handwriting or forgive over and over and over. That is tapas.