It really is. I’ve spent 7 years in this construction of a home rotating roommates, friends and lovers. The times when I have felt the most grounded, the most at home, are the times when my heart has been completely present. It really doesn’t matter where you rest your head or where your things are. These are not the definitions of what creates a sense of home. A sense of home is just that, a sense, a manifestation created by connection and grounding. When you’re heart isn’t in it there is a disconnect. We create this disconnect for all sorts of reasons; out of fear and for protection are the reasons that come up most for me. I can be thousands of miles away where everything sound, smell and sight is foreign. But if my heart is truly presentĀ  I am truly openĀ  and can feel absolutely at home wherever I choose: in a foreign country, on my yoga mat, in my own body. The heart is a muscle like any else to be exercised. We have an incredible opportunity to exercise this muscle not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Just take a moment and consider:

What is one thing your heart truly desires?

What is stopping you from fulfilling that one desire?

Do you think this one desire would help you feel more at home, more centered, focused and grounded if fulfilled?

What is stopping you?