Life is kind of like dodgeball in the sixth grade. In the bigger, broader sense of the game that is, I don’t want to bring back any horrible childhood memories of being the last one picked. Think about being a captain of that team. In the most simple and fundamental terms you pick the best people to be at your side so that you can win.

The life we live isn’t all that different, although Courtney Robertson might disagree with you, life isn’t just about “winning”. It’s about learning how to make choices that contribute to a better self so that you are able to live the most full and happy life possible. I know this sounds like a bunch of optimistic bullshit and maybe it is, but making these kinds of choices is hard and sometimes comes with a little heartache and pain.

We all get to a point where some of the things we love cease to serve us in a positive way. Relationships have been proving this to us since the first time our BFF stole our favorite Rainbow Brite eraser. Sure, things aren’t always peaches and roses and you work on those things, growing and becoming better people along the way, but there comes a time in many relationships when there just isn’t anymore to work out. It takes two people to nourish a relationship so that it brings joy into their lives.

Think about the people in your life. The ones who are close to you. Who makes you laugh, cry, think and want to do amazing things? Who makes your feel good about yourself? Who are the sincere and honest ones? Spend time with the people who bring you the most joy and step back from those toxic relationships that make you sad or angry. Nourish yourself and live a happier, longer life by choosing those things healthiest to you.