We’ve all had those nights where sleep seems impossible. We try everything…hot tea, reading an old textbook, or if you’re like me two summers ago, a cup of whiskey. Unfortunately, short of passing out, many of these things don’t seem to work for most people. Reading can get our brains firing and hot tea is great but what we really need to do is focus on calming the nervous system and preparing our bodies for rest. Yoga to the rescue! It’s kind of been my motto as of late. Oh! You have cramps? You should do some yoga! A headache? Yoga. Tired? Yoga. I’ve become that person and I’m okay with it. Whenever somebody tells me they are having trouble sleeping I recommend a short set of yoga poses and it seems to work wonders. The key is to stick with it. Develop a routine and before you know it you’ll be counting honey badgers!

To use yoga postures to help ready you for sleep, the following are some tips to keep in mind when incorporating yoga into your pre-bedtime routine:

  • Wear loose clothing, remain barefoot, and find a quiet, warm place.
  • Come into each position slowly hold it for a few minutes, and come out of it slowly.
  • Never force your body to move into or hold a position that hurts.
  • Rest in between postures registering the effects of each pose on your system.
  • Breathe slowly and evenly, and always focus on your breath. Continuous concentration on your breathing throughout each posture is one of the keys to yoga’s deeply relaxing and restorative benefits.


All of these poses can be done in bed. Make it a part of your evening routine and starting getting the good night’s rest you deserve.


Happy Baby











Child’s Pose











Supta Baddha Konasana











Reclining Twist








Legs Up