Jumping in feet first is sometimes harder than head first. Just ask me, I should know. I haven’t been able to dive “head first” into anything in a few years. Someday when I can afford a therapist other than my yoga mat I’ll try and suss that out. For the time being, however, I plan, rationalize, analyze, organize, rethink and then take careful little steps that won’t cause too much disturbance. How is this harder you might be wondering? Do you know how freaking exhausting it is to be that careful?! Really it just turns the actual act of making a decision into this impossible task and sometimes it’s kind of debilitating.

So, this is my goal for the next year. Yes, a year, because I know how long it takes to change behaviors. My goal is to pick three things and dive head first into them. To commit deeply to three things. A pose, job, trip, friend, subject to learn, hobby to acquire, love to fall in (well actually walk in but we’ll talk more about that later). A commitment to something other than myself.

Bring it on universe. I’m barely ready.